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Buck Bomb Synthetic Doe N Estrus Aerosol 6.5 oz

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The Buck Bomb game lures are and aerosol based attractant designed to be used as either a light spray or a fogger. If used as a bomb to cover an area the 6.5 oz can, has the ability to carry 1/4 mile in a 3 mph breeze. This particular lure was developed to lure in deer based upon their love of attractive does. The Doe 'N Estrus bomb will unleash the ultra concentrated scent of pure fresh doe-in-heat urine. This maximum strength scent of a doe ready to breed is sure to lure in those big bucks.

Contains fresh urine from breeding doe
Concentrated Doe-in-Heat Urine Scent
Aerosol Spray Can
Can be used in Bursts
Can be used as Fogger
Cloud will drift 1/4 Mile in a 3 MPH breeze
6.5 oz Can