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Hunter's Specialties Primetime White Oak Acorn Scent Masking Wafers 3 pk.

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Hunter's Specialties White Oak Acorn Scent Wafer is the ideal tool for hunters hiding their scent from prey. This Scent Mask manufactured by Hunter's Specialties works perfectly whether it is tied to a tree on your site or hanging from your shirt. The container included with the Hunters Specialty Scent Masking White Oak Acorn Disk, resoaks the wafers in the scent, so they will be ready whenever you need them. This piece of HS Hunting Gear will never spill, freeze or wash for as long as you own it.

  • Masks human smells so animals will not fear you
  • Will not spill, freeze or wash away
  • Resealable container revitalizes wafers after use
  • Can be pinned to clothing or hung from site