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Mister Twister Lightweight Electric Fisherman Fillet Knife

Mister Twister

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Mister Twister Lightweight Electric Fisherman Fillet Knife

Spend More Time Fishing & Less Time Cleaning Fish

Lightweight, comfortable handle for better control.
Extra sharp blade for fast, easy filleting.
Durable, expandable curly power cord.
Quick & convenient blade release.
Heavy duty motor for longer life.
High impact motor housing.
Safety lock.

Mister Twister® gives you the 4 things fishermen look for most in an Electric Filet Knife

  1. Comfort... easy to use, comfortable in use, contoured to fit as a normal extension of your hand
  2. Cutting Ability... sharp blades, power and torque in the motor, dependability in use
  3. CPM Rating... maximum cutting cycles to get the job done…quick and easy
  4. Warranty... we stand behind all of our products with superior customer service
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