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Black Rain Ordnance SPEC-15 A2 5.56 Carbine

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The Black Rain Ordnance BRO SPEC-15 A2 Semi-Auto Rifle is Black Rain's improved-quality take on the standard A2 5.56mm battle rifle. Black Rain's precision manufactured SPEC-15 receiver set equipped with a 16" 5.56 NATO cro-moly barrel, an A2 front sight gas block, and flash hider. You'll also get a standard mil-spec 2-piece polymer handguard, mil-spec GI trigger, pistol grip, and M4-style carbine stock. SPEC-15 standard charging handle and phosphate-coated BCG.

  • SPEC-15 receiver set
  • 16" cro-moly barrel
  • A2 front sight gas block
  • A2 flash hider
  • 2-piece polymer handguard
  • GI trigger
  • Mil-spec pistol grip and stock
  • Includes a BRO/Amend2 polymer magazine
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty